Magill Kindergarten - South Australia

Current Staff

Director: Isobel Quick
Teachers:  Rebecca and Karen
Early Childhood Workers: Vicki and Nazak

Please go to the contacts page and complete an intention to enrol form which you can email, fax or post to the kindergarten. If your child turns 4 before 1st May 2017, they will be eligible to commence kindergarten in term 1 of 2017 depending on site capacity. Priority is given to families in our local area according to the Magill Kindergarten Priority of Access Policy.

Department of Education and Child Development Preschool enrolment policy

How can I have my questions answered?

Email your questions to and you will receive a reply.

Our Philosophy

At Magill Kindergarten, we draw from children’s interests, strengths, capabilities and needs to create an engaging learning environment. We value each child’s uniqueness and provide a curriculum where children can be involved in decisions, have fun, and develop a positive attitude to learning.

We provide a caring learning environment where children experience a sense of belonging. Educators celebrate and build on our multicultural community. Supportive relationships are developed amongst children, staff and families. By working in partnerships with families, children and educators co-create a learning environment that is stimulating and challenging.

By planning a curriculum that includes enquiry questions children learn from each other, the environment, by experimenting and problem solving, play and discussion. They develop the ability to think deeply and imaginatively, to collaborate with others, to research and to communicate their ideas.

Educator’s holistic approach to planning provides for intentional and spontaneous play while providing a balance of both indoor and outdoor play, individual and, small and large group activities. They explore, experiment, problem solve, practice and learn. All children are capable learners and are able to succeed.

Educators develop deep knowledge of each child through documenting, assessing, and critically reflecting which enables them to guide children’s learning.

We further build on the range of experiences with language, literacy and numeracy that children have within their families. Our curriculum is rich in print and oral language experiences.

Session times

Yellow group Monday and Tuesday 8.15 to 3.45
Green Group Thursday and Friday 8.15 to 3.45


Introductory visits for children starting in 2019 will occur in term 4 of 2018.